How to Start an OFW Tutorial Business in the Philippines: Full Guide & Free Tools (2023)

Are you an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who is “going home for good” or who is presently working abroad and thinking of starting a tutorial business? Here’s a useful guide for you!

Starting your own tutorial business can seem like an impossible goal at first, but with the right strategy and planning, it’s completely attainable. To help you through this journey, we’ve put together some ideas and best practices on how to start a tutorial business of your own. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details now…

What is a Tutorial Business?

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A tutorial business is a small business venture, usually involving one or more individuals, that provides professional training or instruction, typically in a particular area of knowledge. They are often characterized by being highly specialized and focused on teaching a particular skill. Many people who are looking to learn new skills turn to tutorial businesses for help. Setting up a tutorial business can be a great way to earn a living while helping others to learn.

One of the popular OFW areas of expertise that is suitable for a tutorial business is Foreign Language. As OFWs work in different countries, they also learn different foreign languages. Some OFW starts a language tutorial business when they retire as OFW, and some start while they are working as OFW.

How much is the initial investment capital?

Just like any other business, you need capital to cover needed equipment or requirements to run a tutorial business. Below are estimated capital and details for starting a tutorial business.


Tutorial Business

Things you “may” need:

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Illustration boards
  • Modules / Workbooks
  • Wifi
  • Business license
  • Business website
  • Business social media profiles

Estimated Starting Capital:

PhP: 50,000 to 70,000

Shop/Office Based

Tutorial Business

Things you “may” need:

  • Same as home-based, plus
  • Office maintenance
  • Other necessary business permits
  • Other office equipment such as tables, chairs, furniture, phone line, printers
  • Office supplies
  • Pantry supplies

Estimated Starting Capital:

PhP 250,000 to 300,000

Above stated “things you need” may or may not be needed as it would depend on your preference or type of tutorial business that you will be running. Before you go and buy the equipment or process the requirements that you need, you may want to check what are the important considerations to start a tutorial business.

You can check out our free startup calculator/estimator to have a more detailed estimation of how much you might need to start a tutorial business in the Philippines.

What are the things you need to consider when starting a Tutorial Business?

1. Your Niche

What tutorial topics and services would your business offer to customers?

The easiest way to answer the question is to think of your passion, skills, or expertise. This could be a foreign language, a particular subject at school that you have advanced expertise in or a hobby of yours that turned into a passion like photography or stock market trading.

2. Your Business Location

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It is important to consider where your business will be located. Would it be home-based or do you need an office space? Would it be located in the city? Would it be abroad where you are currently working? Is the location easily accessible to customers? It is a best practice to scout locations you are interested in and compare the pros and cons should your business be located in that particular place. This will help you as well to create a plan on what legal documents you need to secure for your business.

3. Competitors

Are there tutorial businesses around your area that offer the same niche as your business?

If there are, that should not disappoint you in starting your business. Have a good look at what they do. Is there something unique or special that you can offer to your customers that would make you stand out against your competitors? Think of creative ways that will make your business the go-to tutorial business for customers who are seeking to learn new things related to your niche.

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4. Pricing

How much would you charge your customers?

Before you inform people you have a tutorial business, you must set pricing for your tutorial services. Are you going to charge by the hour or by module? Are you going to offer discounts? It is also important to plan the payment terms and conditions. Will it be “pay first”, installment with a down payment, or any other flexible payment options?

5. Advertising/Marketing

How would you let people you have started a tutorial business and you are open for business?

There are many ways you can do this and the best thing is many of the ways can be done without spending too much money. First, by word of mouth. Announce to your friends and acquaintances your business. You can ask them to refer your business to people whom they know that might be interested. Second, use posters and flyers. Distribute flyers to people around your area and stick posters in public places. Third, create social media profiles for your business. You can create Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Instagram Profile, or LinkedIn or Telegram account for your business. Fourth, collaborate with social media influencers. Find influencers in your area who are willing to give a “shout-out” for your business. These influencers do not have to be the ones who have a huge following as they might ask for high fees for giving shout-outs. Find the ones who have a good following like 10k to 50k and who are willing to give a shout-out for free or for a small fee.

6. Your Role in the Business

Are you going to run your business alone or would you need to hire people?

As an OFW currently working abroad and planning to start a tutorial business in the Philippines, what tasks/roles will you assign to yourself? Will you be able to do tutorial lessons? Or would you take the role of a manager and hire someone else for the tutorial sessions? Or would you just fund the business and hire a manager for all the stuff?

7. Manpower:

Are you going to run your business alone or would you need to hire people?

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If you can manage and do all the operational tasks related to your business then that is awesome. However, one of the important things you need to consider is the benefit your business could have if you have a team.

One of the purposes of “The OFW Business” is to help OFWs find free online tools or with less cost to help them thrive in their businesses. Here are online tools and resources you can use whether you are just starting or already running your business for some time. Most of the tools require you to create an account to use the free features. Some may not require creating an account. Feel free to test them out if it suits your business.

1. Writing Tutorial Topics

1.1 Grammarly

Grammarly is an online typing assistant that checks your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other mistakes. It uses artificial intelligence to recommend appropriate replacements for the identified errors. Grammarly will help lessen your time to proofread and make your content look professional. It is also user-friendly and can be used on almost all web and computer applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

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1.2 HyperWrite

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HyperWrite is a writing-assistant tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write articles, blog posts, or any content. It can generate and suggest content for your topics. Using HyperWrite can save you the time for thinking, organizing and writing content for your tutorial business. For the free version of HyperWrite, writing for your tutorial topics will be easier and filled with great content.

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Anyword is another writing-assistant tool powered by artificial intelligence that let users organize and write great content for any topic. You can write a full article – with an introduction, topic outlines, body text, and outro contents. It would also help you stay away from copyright issues because it works to provide you with original content. With its free subscription, you can write 1 or 2 highly organized topics for your tutorial business.

2. Media Resources & Tools for Marketing your Business

When advertising or promoting your business, you will need images and videos. Additionally, you might need photo and video editors to make your content creative, and attractive and deliver the right message to potential customers. If you don’t have a marketing or advertising background and don’t have enough money to hire a marketing consultant to create marketing materials for you, the tools below can help you get started. With its free features, you will be able to do much and avoid spending lots of money to hire a marketing consultant.

2.1 Pexels

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Pexels is an online library of stock images and videos. Every day, hundreds and thousands of images and videos are uploaded by photographers around the world. The images and videos you will find in Pexels are royalty-free so you can use them on your tutorial business without the need for attribution.

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Similar to Pexels, Unsplash is an online library of free stock images. It may not have videos unlike Pexels, but it has a wide variety of images you can use for your tutorial business such as wallpapers, and 3D, texture & patterns, and abstract images. Just like Pexels, you don’t need to subscribe or create an account to download the free stock images.

2.3 Canva

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Having a stock image or video ready for your business may not be enough. You might need to edit and make them suitable for your tutorial business in the Philippines or abroad. This is where Canva fits in. Canva is an online editing tool for almost everything that you need in a business. Canva is one of the must-have tools which is why it is being used by many businesses around the world. With Canva, you can create and download materials – from ads to books, for free. It has ready-made templates that you can adapt, edit and download.

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FlexClip is an online video editing tool. It has a wide range of templates that you can adapt and edit according to the needs of tutorial businesses in the Philippines or abroad. With a free account, you have access to lots of video templates, font styles, icons stock photos, and videos.

3. Online Classroom Tools

You may have an office space for your tutorial business for your customers to visit or where the magic of learning things happens. But not everyone might be able to go to your office. This is where you need the internet to provide an online classroom for you and your learners. These online classrooms let you expand your customer base, providing tutorial services anywhere in the Philippines and even overseas. Here are the best and most popular online classrooms you can use for your tutorial business.

3.1 Zoom

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Zoom is an online video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet your learners. You can also use Zoom for your online meeting with your team. With a free account, you can access enough features such as chats, sharing files, and working with whiteboards, to run your tutorial business. You can do an unlimited 40-minute tutorial class with 100 participants. You can choose to upgrade to a paid subscription to enjoy advanced features suitable for your business.

3.2 Google Classroom

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Google Classroom is a free web learning platform, where you can meet your learners and share and receive assignments as needed. The best thing about Google Classroom is that it’s absolutely free. It also connects to everything that Google has such as drive, docs, forms, etc., etc.

4. Social Media Tools

There are many reasons why you need to put your business in the social media world. To name a few, a) most Filipinos are on social media, b) use social media to promote your business, and c) use social media app features such as video, text, and audio chats, live feeds and file sender.

4.1 Facebook

Facebook is the best and must-have social media app for any Filipino business. You can use Facebook to grow your business and increase your income in your tutorial business. You can advertise for free or pay to boost your posts for a wider reach.

4.2 Whatsapp

Whatsapp is an effective tool to communicate with your team or customers. It is a free messaging application that you can take advantage of. You can also set-up a business profile on WhatsApp to suit the needs of your tutorial business.

4.3 Youtube

Youtube is another must-have tool for your tutorial business. You can upload your video tutorial lessons or any other video material needed for your business for easy access anywhere around the world. You can also monetize your content to have another source of income.

4.4 LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be a popular social media platform for Filipinos at the moment. But, with its growing popularity, it is wise to be on the LinkedIn map ahead of time. Since you are in an education-type of business, LinkedIn is a perfect place for your business as LinkedIn is a favorite social media app for learners, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

5. Quizzes and Data Gathering Tools

In Tutorial Business, it will be common to have knowledge checks like quizzes and tests. It is also common to gather data from customers using surveys or information sheets. Well, this could be done digitally and engaging as possible. Here are tools with free, amazing features to make your business tech-savvy and reduce cost and time for preparing your necessary quizzes, tests, surveys or information sheets.

5.1 Kahoot

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Kahoot is a free game-based learning platform that makes learning fun. Kahoot is a great tool to engage with your learners, whether you are checking what they have learned or are teaching them new lessons. With this tool, you can avoid boring learning environments that can help retain customers and gain new ones due to recommendations from current ones. Remember, if customers are amazed about your business, they will recommend you to others.

5.2 Google Form

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Google form is a free online form builder where you can create any information-gathering tool. It can also be used to create online quizzes or tests. The created form can be shared with anyone and can be accessed on any device. With this tool, your tutorial business is not limited to the customer who needs to visit your office. You can provide your tutorial services for customers anywhere in the Philippines and abroad.

How to Start an OFW Tutorial Business in the Philippines: Full Guide & Free Tools (16)

Google docs is an online tool where you can create, edit and share documents. Using google docs in your tutorial business helps you to easily create and share documents as you can access them everywhere and on any device.

5.4 Google Drive

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Google Drive is an online storage tool where you can store all kinds of file types. With this tool, it will be easy for you to access and share your files with anyone at any time. When sharing files, you can choose to share the entire drive or choose particular files only. As a result, your business can reduce the cost of printing documents to share with your learners and save time for sending and receiving needed documents.

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WeTransfer is an online file transfer tool used to send big files. This tool can help your business sends big files to your team or customers. Recipients of files do not need to create an account to download the files.


Starting a business is an art. There are no exact rules to follow in starting one. Start and build a business according to your capacity and resources. Starting a tutorial business may look like an impossible idea for you. Don’t worry, most of the people who started a business felt the same way.

To stay competitive and preferred by customers, it is important to consider using online tools. The great news is, most of the tools you might need are available for a free subscription.

At the end of the day, it boils down to how determined are you to start a business. All the necessary considerations will fall into place and be taken care of once you decide to start the business.

Don’t forget to try our free Tutorial Business Startup Calculator/Estimator to have a more detailed estimate of how much capital you need to start this business.

Check out other free tools and resources;
  • Free Images and Videos
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editor
  • Investing Tools
  • Web Forms

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