Business Classes NYC or Online: Hands-on Business Courses (2023)

Exceeded my expectations in all aspects: course was well thought out, materials were presented clearly and engagingly, and Scott made sure at every step that he‘d brought everyone along with him. He was truly excellent, a superb teacher. Needless to say, I‘d gladly take another class with him.

Jonathan M.

I have taken two Excel classes at NYIM and they were both fantastic. Garfield is a really skilled teacher and I learned so much! I plan on taking more classes when I can. Highly recommend these classes!

Sandhya B.

NYIM does incredible work! I did the 3-day Excel Bootcamp & it was amazing! Pooja, Tom & Garfield were incredibly knowledgeable & excellent teachers. They explained everything in an incredibly clear & concise manner. I would HIGHLY recommend NYIM/Career Centers for anyone looking for Excel training, or any other training that they have to offer!

Jonathan S.

The course was very informative and the instructor did an excellent job going over the material. I will be looking to attend the additional courses in the nearby future. Thank you.


I recently started taking classes at NYIM Training, I have found the instructors to be very knowledgeable and professional. NYIM Training offers a number of different courses which includes SQL, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, VBA, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and QuickBooks. The price per course is very reasonable and they offer special pricing if you take a series of 3 courses in one particular subject.I would highly recommend them.

Rob G.

This was an amazing class and the instructor made you want to learn. If you want to learn in a great environment, this is the class for you.

Husniyyah A.

The class was amazing and the instructor was superb!

Melissa L.

Paul was able to pace the instructions so that I could really get a handle on the essence of what QuickBooks is all about. He also was very practical in his approach so that I could adapt it to my needs at our agency.


This was a great refresher course for some of the deeper financial concepts I have not used since undergrad. I think this course is phenomenal for recent college grads starting off their careers in finance or budget. It's a great intro for learning to navigate excel shortcuts. I am 5 years in my career now and have never had the investment banking background but still have been a financial analyst and been involved in raising capital so the concepts covered were a great refresher for me.Additionally the instructor did a great job with playing to the students in the course and our backgrounds and what subjects to go more in-depth with and vice versa.

Alexandria B.

This financial modeling bootcamp helped me round off my excel shortcut skills. All of the excel shortcuts I didn't already know; I learned in this course. This will help me work fast and smarter. I also appreciated the applicability of the financial analysis we conducted. We moved in a very timely fashion and this was a very productive course that will help me as I start off as an investment analyst.

John C.

I loved Paul! He was great, very friendly, very clear, dealt exactly with issues that would face my company. Between Arlene (client manager) and Paul, working with NYIM, as been amazing. Arlene was always quick to answer my emails and questions, and Paul was exactly what we needed. Being a small business owner I really appreciate good service.


The financial modeling boot-camp class was a great review for everything I have learned during my undergraduate studies and was also very relevant to my working experience. I also liked that the size of the classes were not too big; this allowed the participants to be actively engaged. As I work in fixed income and while this boot-camp focused on projecting stock price, the research and excel model/setup is very similar so there was very relevant crossover. All in all, I wish I had taken this class earlier this year. Great class.

Nico S.

I enjoyed the Excel Bootcamp I took at NYIM.First, the trainers were very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the concepts in detail.Secondly, the course content is very rich. I found it quite voluminous though. But it is great to have printed material for reference.Thirdly, I loved how interactive classes were with trainers trying as best they could to provide help individually to students.I greatly recommend NYIM training.

Buri B.

The instructor was phenomenal! He tailored the class to the student's needs and was very receptive to questions asked during class.


Great teacher! She was really helpful and moved at a solid pace. Answered all questions super well. She made the class.

Ariel O.

Excel class was so thorough and they send you home with materials to reference. Staff is professional and pleasant. Will definitely send staff for the other classes.

Suzette D.

I thoroughly enjoyed my training experience (Excel Bootcamp for Business- Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced). The instructors were very informative, thorough and engaging and the tools were invaluable to my day-to-day work in accounting. Would highly recommend this training.

Aaron P.

Paul was very precise and knowledgable, smart instructor and very well spoken.


Paul was great, knowledgeable and very approachable. He kept everyone up to speed without rushing or boring anyone. He really knows QuickBooks inside out and shows alot of shortcuts too! Thanks!


I had a fantastic experience in NYIM's Intermediate Excel class. Staff was very helpful in guiding me on which course to take based on my current skill set. Scheduling was easy as there were multiple days, times, and formats offered. I took the course over two weekday nights with Garfield. The facilities are clean and modern and offer complimentary water, coffee, and snacks. Garfield was an expert and made learning excel fun (which is not easy to do). I am able to apply what I learned directly to my work. At the end of the course, they offer a handout, online courses, and a copy of the workbook from the training which makes it an incredible value. Would highly recommend NYIM for any excel training, and will definitely be booking advanced excel courses with them in the near future.

David C.

A class was very helpful and the instructor made it worthwhile. Took the two-night excel class and will be back for powerpoint.

Tommy M.

Great instructors, they are patient! The materials are great, and you can retake the class once if you need a refresher! I highly recommend them!

Eun K.

I took NYIM Training's Intermediate Excel 2016 training this week, and I was impressed by the content and the trainer, Mike. The in-class exercises were all in one multi-tab spreadsheet which included step-by-step instructions for almost all of these, and you send the spreadsheet with any notes you made to yourself at the end of the day for future reference. No wasted time. Plenty of opportunity for questions. I have had other computer training elsewhere, but NYIM was unique in providing big-picture methods, tips, and shortcuts that were useful even for Excel tasks I already knew well. Plus, coffee and snacks to keep you going!

Rob P.

I purchased the excel for business class and had a great experience. The instructor Jeannette was knowledgeable and made the material interesting.

Francesca S.

I attended the Powerpoint course last week at NYIM and really enjoyed it. No doubt you'll find them to be helpful!

Kitty M.

I enrolled in a beginners Excel training class. I enjoyed the class I learned so much. Things I never knew I could do with excel.The professor Mr. Garfield was great made it interesting and he is a bit funny too! I will take the class again! :)

Haydee M.

My instructor was very knowledgable and a great communicator. Anyone looking to learn Excel from the beginning should take this class as it's a wonderful foundation for learning the program.

Rachael G.

I was extremely nervous but it turned out GREAT! Scott was a great instructor, funny and patient. Stopped when I needed extra info without making me feel like an idiot.

Kelley R.

Great Instructors Mourad and Garfield are experts in their craft.

Abul H.

I took the Financial Modeling Bootcamp. The instructors are very knowledgeable about what they teach and encourage questions throughout the workshop.

Kelvin L.

Paul is a great teacher. You can tell he enjoys what he does by the way he teaches. He is very thorough and takes his time to help everyone and answer their questions.

Wanda M.

This is my second time around and I still think Paul is great. I know that i am now ready for the Advanced class!


I have never taken the time to write a Yelp review, but I just had to this time because I had such a great experience taking the QuickBooks 2015 Level 1 PC class with Paul! I took another level 1 class a year ago and felt like I didn't come away with knowledge that was useful to me (I work at a law firm and the class was structured for a sales business) and Paul was great at addressing questions I had related to my specific needs. Also, he is clearly a passionate teacher and it was infectious! I am a writer/performer by night and a bookkeeper to pay the bills, so I am not someone who thought I could ever be engaged in this kind of work, but Paul made the subject accessible and easy to understand. I somehow wasn't bored and I left the class feeling that I can use the system with confidence!

Karina R.

I took QuickBooks Level 1 for PC class with Paul. He is a wonderful instructor, very knowledgeable, patient and kind. He was very detailed and also gave great tips in bookkeeping. I enjoyed his class very much and will definitely take level 2.

Denise L.

Paul is terrific, very informative, well paced, and well knowledgeable in this field. He has a great love and interest for it and in teaching the subject.


Paul was able to pace the instructions so that I could really get a handle on the essence of what QuickBooks is all about. He also was very practical in his approach so that I could adapt it to my needs at our agency.


I had an amazing experience doing private training for Excel for Finance. I learned all the practical applications for the formulas I'm expected to know at my new job - I feel great and super confident at work with my new skills! Very patient and knowledgeable instructor too.

Max D.

I took a private Excel class at NYIM, and it was excellent. The trainer, Mourad, prepared a very good class outline that taught me many useful tools. During our time together, Mourad was patient and changed the direction as he determined what my greatest needs were. I will be taking more classes with NYIM and highly recommend them.

Kevin D.

Excel for Business Level 1: Garfield was a great teacher. He was thorough on each topic. The class moved at a good pace and a lot was covered in the day. I will return for the second class.

Mary Kate M.

It was a full day from 10am-5, fast-moving and packed with information on all the Excel basics, including on-the-spot exercises. Really useful for skills in managing all kinds of information and projects. I'd highly recommend this course, and would like to take the L2 when I'm ready!

Kathleen H.

Michael Magreta is Excellent! This is my 3rd course at NYIM Training - every class offers all that I needed an much much more!

Susan C.

This class was very informative. I would highly recommend it for everyone and anyone whether you're highly experienced in excel, or a beginner. Instructor Michael was very helpful, patient, and answered every question with confidence.

Christopher A.

Michael was great with the excel training that was done at my company today. Though I knew basic excel, today I learned new tricks and new functions regarding excel.

Joanna M.

Fast-paced class, a lot of information in a short amount of time - condensed to most useful tips and tricks. Very glad I was able to participate as I learned a lot more than I already knew. Michael was a great instructor with a very easygoing vibe.

Roksana B.

Great Excel class! I'm a pretty seasoned Excel user, so there were parts that were definitely review, but I still learned a whole lot. Michael kept the pace up, though not too fast, and he wasn't married to his agenda. He was flexible and was willing to answer questions at any time. The course materials were great, too, and there was sufficient time built in for completing exercises. I highly recommend.

Kate S.

This QuickBooks class was quite informative. I didn't have any knowledge of it and the instructor made it easy to understand. I plan on taking the advanced class soon and would recommend this class to everyone!


Yesterday I took an all day PowerPoint class with Scott. He is a fabulous trainer. I now have an excellent understanding of PP. A booklet is given to each student that reviews all the lessons from the class. This is a tremendous help when you return to your own computer and start to work in this program. Thank you Scott and NYIM Training.

Barbara C.

Thank you Michael for teaching this course!! Your knowledge of the material really help me to feel confident in taking what I've learned in the classroom and applying it to my newly assigned work projects. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting a better understanding of Excel.

Tracy A.

I recommend NYIM highly because they are a pleasure to work with. Nick was wonderfully helpful and Michael is a patient excellent teacher. Thanks so much!

Teri B.

Great school and Garfield is my favorite teacher. I've taken 2 excel classes with him and it's been very helpful. He is very clear and explains all the ins and outs.

Emily I.

Had a one on one training with Garfield - he was patient, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to expand their excel capabilities in business.

Alexandria A.

I retook this course. Garfield did not teach my first course but he taught my second course. He is a fantastic teacher. He is so clear and methodological. I highly recommend this class.

Dominika J.

One-on-one Excel training with Garfield was amazing. Would highly recommend Garfield and the NYIM for any kind of Excel training or support.

Janet W.

Just finished excel level 2 class. Went to review my excel skills before starting new job but ended up learning new tricks and functions also. The lecturer (Garfield) was very calm,kind, and informative. Thank you, Garfield!

Bokyong A.

I took an amazing class with Michael. He is a great instructor and the course curriculum is very hands on. Thank you NYIM!!!

Joe K.

Garfield is an outstanding teacher who instructs in Excel in a logical, concise & easy to understand manner. He is also kind and affable. The school is run very well by Nick and they offer candy, coffee and hot chocolate! Michael is also a very good instructor & I now know enough Excel to work anywhere -- in just 2 sessions!!

Georgiana E.

The instructor Garfield was patient, informative and precise!

Lisa N.

Great class! The content was well organized and the instructor was excellent. He was engaging, knew the material very well and was able to adjust to the various levels of ability of the students! Would definitely recommend!

Rebecca H.

Overall great experience in taking the Intermediate Excel Class today! Content was well organized and had appropriate progression from easy to more complex examples. Garfield, our instructor, was very knowledgabe, patient, and thorough. He also had a great sense of humor and kept the class interesting, time really flew by! I will be back to take the Advanced class and also the VBA.

Patrick M.

Garfield and Michael were great, did the bundle, both were very generous with their time and explained information thoroughly.

James B.

Had an amazing experience taking Excel for Business Level 2 at NYIM. The excel class helped me get back up to speed on a ton of fundamental techniques and short cuts, and the instructor was awesome. They even gave us videos to look at after we finished the class for some extra help on our own time. The actual location was convenient and comfortable, they gave us coffee tea and chcocolate- an overall great experience. Will definitely be going back for level 3.

Eddie H.

Took a retake of Excel class with Garfield. He is the best. He is patient, focused and explains everything in the clearest and easiest to understand manner. Beginners and experts will be equally impressed with his teaching ability. If you want to learn Excel or just refresh, Garfield is your guy!

Stacey B.

Garfield was very knowledgeable and took his time working with my group. Whenever one of us didn't understand he was more than happy to slow down and figure out where we were confused. Definitely recommend this place!

Sanura D.

I had a great experience in my level 2 Excel for business course. The instructor, Garfield, was very knowledgeable and patient with questions. He taught all the sections effectively and I really feel like I learned a lot from that one day session. NYIM has a really nice facility with modern computers (Macs too). The fact that they give you the chance to re-take a class free of charge within a year after the first one is amazing. I highly recommend their courses and will definitely be taking another class, or two!

Tessa P.

A great course to learn the very basic of PowerPoint. The instructor explained in an easy to understand way. No question was left unanswered and he made sure that each student understood the material and was not left behind. The course gave essential tools needed for creating presentations from start to it's completion. I am currently applying learned skills at work. Would highly recommend NYIM Training. I am coming back for PowerPoint for Business Level II.

Olga M.

Just came out of my Excel Business training at NYIM. Garfield, the instructor, is really nice and very helpful. They are very professional and they provide all the necessary tools for the students to acquire all the info they need, and, in case you want to refresh your memory you can always retake the course for free within 6 months. Cool, huh?

Dana D.

Great experience, I highly recommend for anyone looking to break into consulting/banking!

Thomas P.

Took the two day Financial Modeling Bootcamp. Extremely informative and useful. Smaller class size allows for one on one help and enables you to really understand the material you are working through. Additionally you build out a model on an actual company during the course, allowing you to perform the same kind of analysis you would use in a real office setting, as opposed to looking at generic accounting problems. Office itself is very nice, and the professors are extremely well informed. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to develop, sharpen, or reestablish their financial modeling skills.

Robert F.

I took the 1-day Intermediate Excel class in-person at the NYIM center. Garfield is an excellent instructor - engaging and very knowledgeable. It was a small group setting with ~10 people, and we had one-on-one if needed. The space is comfortable with coffee and tea, and computers very good. You are able to access an online version of the training after completing the in person. I would highly recommend this class!

Liz P.

This company is amazing. I was able to go from little to no skill in excel to very good. I feel like I have years of experience l after just a few sessions. Highly recommended!!

Ben R.

I've taken excel workshops before but the Excel for Business Bootcamp is one of my tops! The instructor was patient and knowledgeable. I really like the fact that you take away different resources and that you're able to retake the course for free within 6 months.

Sara A.

The overall experience was great. I feel the instructor was well educated on the tools I needed in order to succeed in my current role. I would rate the preparation, use of time, knowledge of material and general kindness as one of the best training classes/sessions that I have ever attended. I have and will continue to recommend the folks at NYIM to others.

K. Burton of Microsoft

We hired NYIM training to provide Microsoft Excel training for UJA staff and it was the best technical training I have seen. Mourad Kattan is an outstanding facilitator and he packed the session with useful information and tips for everyone who was in the room. Also, additional video provided after the session helped to solidify the learning and review everything independently. Looking forward to bringing NYIM to UJA again in the near future!

Yelena K.

Very informative classes. I took the excel beginner and intermediate courses. While the beginner course was very basic, it still offered a lot of tips that are commonly overlooked. As someone who has used excel before I appreciated these extra tips.

Dominique C.

The way NYIM understood our business model was unmatched. They catered a full three-day bootcamp directly to our specific business needs for a class of 30 analysts. All of the new hires were engaged and walked away with a better understanding of the way that we work in the Microsoft Office suite and the way we evaluate our business. I've been to plenty of Excel bootcamps throughout my career and this was by far the best; engaging, bespoke, and immediately applicable!


Thank you for the coffee, teas and all the goodies out in the common area

Faina K.
Fidelis Care

I feel confident about VLOOKUPs now after attending this course.

Alexandra C.
Lazard Asset Management

Whether you want a quick refresher or crash course, Financial Modeling in Excel will benefit anyone in the M&A field looking to expand their skills.

Charles K.
Element 78 Advisors

Save valuable time setting up the financial part of your business and take QuickBooks class. Do it right!!

anna s.
ABC News 20/20

Michael covered all of the content I expected, as well as content I didn't expect, but found valuable. Workshop was practical, and the nature of the problem sets were relevant to the business world, which I appreciated. Also really appreciate that you guys provide access to a digital course for our review, and a 6 month retake policy. That's very generous.

Renee E.

I've been taking classes here over the course of many years. Convenient location, class schedule availability, individual attention, reasonably priced. Great opportunity if you want a classroom setting.

Phyllis O.

This class was the perfect balance between learning new and reviewing some old topics. Garfield was very informative, but had a good sense of humor and real world examples.

Rebekah R.
Hyatt Hotels

Effective Business Writing has helped me transform my writing skills through email and communication after just two days. Thank you!

Aimee L.
Scout Digital

If you want to get introduced to the ins and outs of Powerpoint, take this class!

Liz H.
LSE Foundation

I would recommend anyone to this class whoever is trying to learn excel, even though it is very critical but once you get the hold of it it is easy

Mohammed B.

Instructor really help you understand the functional process of excel. If you need to learn excel, this is place to take it!

Judie U.
Allied Partners

The beginner Excel class is a perfect way to learn new skills or brush up on old ones. The teacher is clear and concise. Overall great experience.

Isabela d.
Select Equity Group

This was a low stress, pleasant experience that left me with all the tools I need to create a straight forward tight presentation for my company.


Very informative and I am leaving feeling like I know so many more functions of Excel and feel far more confident than I have in the past. Patrick taught our group at a great pace, making time to answer any questions and offer help where needed. He is extremely knowledgable and found solutions to even the most complex scenarios.

Caitlin O.
Boots Retail, USA

This class was perfect! Learned just enough to make me feel like I get a good grasp of everything, not too much information either, but still felt like I learned a lot. Great instructor too! very patient, clear, and answered all my questions.

Arielle K.
Boots Retail USA

The SQL classes were great. The instructor went at a good pace. I took the three day option back to back. We covered quite a bit of content and it really solidified my understanding of SQL. It helps to come in with some prior knowledge.

Peter S.

Training here has changed my life. The instructor's attention to detail has allowed me to pinpoint and execute a plethora of topics. I am ready for everything ahead.

Joseph S.
Boston College

Michael made Excel very easy for me to learn the excel fundamentals.

Ana M.

The class is well run and very organized. The teacher (Michael) was very knowledgeable. The office is clean, modern and comfortable. I highly recommend if you want to learn excel basics.

Su P.

A simple yet enlightening class for everyone who wants to gain knowledge of PowerPoint

Edward M.

I highly recommend PowerPoint Bootcamp at NYIM. Excellent value for the money!

Maryann F.
Girl Scouts

The Intermediate Microsoft Excel Class for Business was very informative and helpful. I can take the knowledge I obtain and apply it to my project immediately.

Carl S.

This Class is an excellent step in the right direction when needing a fundamental base knowledge in software. Instructors are kind, helpful & patient.

Vasiliki L.
Vasiliki Lagis Handbags/Sweet Orchid Events

If you have a need to learn Excel, this is the place to sign up. The Instructors are knowledgeable, and they make learning fun.

Eugene P.
Columbia University

Engaging, informative classes. I took the complete excel course and loved it. The instructors were very thorough and easily understood. The material was great, and they gave us material to keep as well.

Sammy B.

veyr informative, and the teacher made sure everyone was up to speed!

Lissette W.
Stellar Works

If you need a refresher course or if you need to brush up or learn, this is the place to learn.

Eugene P.
Columbia University

The classes are very informative; whether you are just looking for a refresher or looking to gain some new skills. Instructors like Patrick are patient enough to go through exercises multiple times and make sure students understand. He also has a very comprehensive understanding of Excel and is a very valuable instructor

Ademiju A.

Anyone in financial services should take this course - very helpful!

Harim J.

Very good intermediate level class. Easy understanding of more complicated topics as VLOOKUP and IF STATEMENTS. The teacher is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

Ivonne E.
Group SJR

NYIM Excel for Intermediate Business may be the reason I don't lose my job! It was efficient, to the point, covered all areas and more. I am so happy to have taken this course; most importantly, it provided a lifetime support that sets me up for success outside of the course.

Erika R.

The training I took was INCREDIBLY helpful. I took Intermediate Excel for Business online with Garfield as the instructor. The material covered in the course was uncannily relegated to my business on a day to day basis. I could not speak highly enough of Garfield as an instructor. He effectively explained all material by walking us through each step and using helpful analogies for us to have a stronger understanding of when you would use each tool. As an online course, he made sure everyone was engaged and was patient yet timely to reexplain something if people had questions. Garfield was kind enough to make himself available for me after the course as I was struggling with a challenging and important excel file I was working on. He let me share my screen with him and explain what I needed help with. His help with this file and the tools I gained from his instruction very likely are the reason I saved my job. Thank you NYIM and Garfield. If you are looking to increase your excel skills THIS is the company you should invest your time in.

Erika R.

I've taken courses at other facilities before but this one tops the charts. I had a fantastic experience learning Excel with NYIM Training. WORTH EVERY PENNY! The instructors are smart and take the time to make sure you understand the nuances of the program. The interactive learning experience really helps too. Whether you are learning Excel for the first time or just need a refresher, NYIM is the place to go

Jacob D.

Pretty seamless! I enjoyed it a lot more than expected. Highly recommended!

Mikhaila F.
Tishman Speyer

The 3-hour Excel beginners class was surprisingly useful even for an intermediate user. The instructor (Patrick) was especially skilled at moving slowly enough for students to follow along and understand, without leaving us confused in his dust as so many trainers seem to do.

Allison D.
Tishman Speyer

Zoom is a great way of Learning.

Laura O.

Great way to learn more advanced functions of working with data in spreadsheets, easy to follow and a ton of information. You even get a workbook to follow along, enhancing the experience and creating a paper trail/reference sheet.

Mark V.
Neuberger Berman

I've taken other computer instruction courses and I can't think of any of them that provided an answer key or videos for later viewing. Sooo helpful. Also, I loved the number of classes offered on a regular basis. This was a class I needed right away.

Stephanie S.

I would highly recommend this class as a refresher or overview of Excel with the opportunity to dig a few levels deeper if you have any previous experience.

Marcia M.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who needs any extra excel help for work. Garfield was great at going through all the topics.

Massiel G.

Effective Business Writing was an awesome class to take. It was effective in so many ways.

Julie Z.

The course was very informative and the instructor was fantastic. Garfield is knowledgeable, professional and has a great balance of learning with humor.

Roseland O.
HarperCollins Publishers

Zoom training is very useful and efficient for learning and practice at the same time.

Takami (Carol) H.

Garfield was very professional and look forward to other classes conducted by him.

Miya K.

Worth every minute. It will make you more confident in your work ability.

Frederick J.

Garfield is a wonderful instructor, who patiently explains the ins and outs of excel. I only wish we had more time together!

Shari S.

I would recommend this class to anyone who uses Excel. It is one day of learning that will save you countless hours of work and teaching yourself through looking up stuff on Google!

Annie S.
New York Public Radio

Totally recommend to take it. I already know what I will be using starting tomorrow in my work.

Mila K.

Even through a virtual training, I was able to learn as much as I would have in person. I appreciated the patience of the instructor as well as the easy-to-follow steps for each of the different topics.

Mariclare M.
Natixis North America

I highly recommend this class - the instructor managed to teach for 6 hours on zoom while perfectly explaining every single element at a perfect pace for everyone and was very attentive and had full expertise on all of Excel's functions.

Lyubitsa G.

I loved it! I have taking Excel courses many times and I believe this was the one that grabbed my attention!

Sophia L.

This was an extremely helpful course and I'll be able to use so much of what we reviewed in my day to day at work. I'm excited to be able to re watch parts of the lessons through the recording as well! Once I master this, I'm definitely interested in the Macros class.

Kaitie O.

These excel classes are outstanding. I would highly recommend to colleagues in the field, especially if you're a beginner or apprehensive about getting started!

Mordy L.

Grace was so helpful and has a great content

Digna M.
Hoboken Dual Language Charter School

The material was very easy to follow through, and the instructor was very knowledgeable. Thank you!

Lamees Q.
Women In Need

This was my refresher course. Ade was really great at making this heavy content fun and understandable. Highly recommend!

Briana J.
Paperless Post

Building strong excel skills for a better future.

Liza Y.
Roar Digital

This is my second Microsoft Excel class with Garfield, and I think he is wonderful. Very well organized and knowledgeable and patient teacher. He frequently anticipates the questions his students might have, especially the new ones. This makes the class run very smoothly. This was my first on-line class with him, and I particularly liked that he was able to have students share their screens when they were having trouble.

Kathleen M.

Excellent experience! Easy to understand and follow along. Very informative and useful.

Carolyn C.

This was excellent, using zoom. The screen was easy to navigate and the material was easy to access.

Tyasia B.
The Community at Brookmeade

The Intermediate Excel class was a very thorough walk through of advanced skills. The instructor was very knowledgeable and would explain the application in a variety of ways to illustrate Excel's capabilities. The class is a very good investment of both time and money. I recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their Excel skills.

Jami S.

The Career Center offers very thorough, well delivered, hands on classes presented by experienced instructors. After just the first class my productivity has already increased!

Patricia D.
Lutheran Care Center

Excellent delivery, with concise and thorough explanations from our instructor Garfield. Well paced, useful information that is suited to the day to day reporting needs of my team.

Taniqua B.
Namaste Laboratories

Garfield was really patient and clear. The material was applicable to work and everyday life. Would highly recommend!

Alix S.

This class was an excellent overview of project management planning and organization. It was exactly what I needed!

Timothy L.

This Intermediate Excel for Business training was very useful and easy to follow along. The content was helpful and the examples on how the tasks are used are extremely informative. This content in the class was very helpful even if you are knowledgeable with excel, but need a refresher on some of the more intricate ways excel can be performed.I highly recommend this class.

Paula G.
Lime Brokerage LLC/Lightspeed Financial Svcs Group

I learned a number of functions and procedures in Excel that will allow me to be more productive and more efficient with my daily tasks.

Bruce T.
Dabur Limited

I wasn't sure what to expect from a beginners course. I was a bit hesitant because I thought it might be too simple for me as I have many years of programming experience outside of Excel. Boy was I wrong! From the very first few minutes I learned shortcuts that would make excel a much more pleasant experience for me and that continued throughout. Our instructors was very easy to follow along kept everyone highly engaged . I believe there is value in this course for all levels! I'm excited for Intermediate and Advance to follow!

Gabrielle B.
Moody's Analytics

This class opened my eyes to a world of functions I was unaware existed. I thought I knew Excel before, but now I can truly say that I have an in-depth understanding of this software.

Brooke S.

I really enjoy taking the online Excel VBA and Macro classes. The instructor, Garfield, is very knowledgeable and answers your questions. He also challenges you to take ownership and writes the code yourself.

Jen L.
Moody's Analytics

Extremely useful training to cover fundamentals as a jumping off point for varied projects. Great overview with lots of hands on training. Will use this material immediately.

Liina K.
Sand County Foundation

The class was valuable and comprehensive, and the instructor was knowledgeable yet patient with every learner.

Aidan S.

Great pace, instructions and applicable for business setting. It helped me understand how to set up my Excel sheets to be more practical.

Wendy C.
NYU Langone Health - Rusk Rehab

The instructor was fantastic! He explained the concepts clearly and patiently, and encouraged questions. I will be able to apply much of what I learned in this class directly to my work.

Alix S.
International Rescue Committee

I highly recommend this class and the instructor. It will definitely add to your knowledge base, even if you are an experienced user.

Cassandra G.
Seton Hall University, Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program

No prior homework necessary, this class will break down Excel need-to-knows for you and continue building on your new knowledge throughout the course.

Su C.
AG Consulting Partners

Great for business people looking to use advanced Excel features to improve productivity at work.

Melissa G.
Industrial Communications

NYIM training Excel course is very good. Trainer Ade was very thorough in explaining everything. This is my first time taking a class online and I found it to be just as interesting doing it at home as well if I were to take in the classroom.

Kelly M.
Dept. of Environmental Protection-City of New York

Adebayo was really helpful. I learned a lot that I did not know prior to taking the class.

Elhaji D.
NYU Langone Health

Very well paced, easy to follow Excel class!

Elle X.

I think everyone should take this class or would benefit from it!

Florina J.
NYU Langone Health

Really great class!

Rolando P.
Family Health Center @ NYULangone

If you need to use Excel at work, this class will make your life easier and efficient.

Stella A.

This class was absolutely great. I've been in Finance for 5 years and learned things today!

John A.
Owl Ventures

Super helpful and affordable. Will be helpful in my career in growth equity.

John A.
Owl Ventures

Learned new things, even as an experienced user!

Cassandra G.
Seton Hall University, Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program

Great class for learning the basics without being overwhelming

Barbara N.

Excel class worth taking.

Janice R.
Village Care Max

Thorough, patient, and enthusiastic instructor; super helpful Excel tips for business.

Mia M.
NYU Langone

An engaging, informative perfect way to learn or refresh your skills!

Ellen F.
AgeWell New York

I strongly recommend this class, it can also be applied to your every day plans as well not only professional

Ruth R.
NYU Langone Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center

Never in a million years would've thought that an Excel training workshop would actually be enjoyable!

Aaron B.
Kipp NYC

I learned more in this than I did in college with excel and hope to apply it more in my work setting.

Rachel O.
NYC Service

If you would like a better grasp on how to maneuver your Word program, this will help so much. It touches on all important points for program.

nancy b.
Agewell new york

After participating in the Intermediate Excel for Business training, I now feel much more confident about using Excel in my job. I've been intimidated by Excel for quite some time but now I see it as a tool to experiment with and learn from!

Ashley D.
NYC Service

I highly recommend Beginner Microsoft Excel. I have spent many days working on spreadsheets. Had I taken this course sooner I would have cut my time spent on coordinating spreadsheets and enabled me to appropriate time to other projects.

Susan S.

This is a great way to reinforce your knowledge of grammar and sentence structure. It was well worth the time that I invested in attending the online class.

Diane W.
NYU Langone Long Island

Love this class. Can use what I've learned at work.

Maricruz M.

Very good class. Trainer was very good, very patient.

Pierre M.
Agewell New York

This was a great class, even if you know excel there are formulas/functions that can give you faster results then what you are doing now.

Stephy V.

Tons of helpful tips and tricks for everyday Excel use.

Mary S.

Life-changing, super helpful! I loved the energy the instructor, Mike, had. It was very interactive and informative. Learned a lot :)

Melissa G.

I definitely recommend this course for professional development in any field where MS Excel is used.

Touhidul C.
Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

Grace was engaging and pleasant to take the class with. The material was clear, useful and an overall great refresher .

Samantha P.
NYU Langone

I enjoyed learning Grammar for the first time ever. Hoping Grace teaches other classes I may be able to join.

Susan S.
NYU Langone Health

We could ask as many questions as necessary, and Garfield answered them all.

Catia F.

Class and instructor was very patient and informative. I really enjoyed the session.

Rachel C.

Even though I prefer an in-person class, I'm grateful for the opportunity to still enhance my knowledge and skills through Zoom.

Rayza A.
NYU Langone

Grace is a great instructor. She made the class interesting and engaging.

Maureen W.
NYU Langone Health

I would definitely recommend these classes to improve your excel skills. I use excel everyday and having this knowledge will cut time on work significantly.

Cora W.
NYC Service

Very informative class. There was alot of class participation given the circumstances. Grace was open to all questions and provided thoughtful explanations and examples.

Ashmini P.
NYU Langone Health

Very informative class, with a lot of practical content, delivered by an engaging instructor. I highly recommend taking this class to anyone who ever needs to communicate, in writing, at work.

Diane W.
NYU Langone Long Island

Excellent class and great materials. Grace had shared her writing experiences to the class that was valuable to me. I recommended.

Tracy L.
NYU Langone Hospital

I highly recommend the Intro to Project Management Course. You will learn a lot even if you already have some knowledge about Project Management. It will be time well spent and help take your career to a higher level.

Shasshauna G.
NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Everything felt like it flowed from beginning to end with extra tips in between and he was able to provide different tips based on how you were working in Excel.

Marie M.
JRM Construction Management LLC

Picked up a few little tricks that I hope to use more regularly.

Kevin A.

Intermediate Excel was great! Our instructor, Mike, was very patient and happy to answer any questions that came up along the way. VLOOKUPS aren't nearly as intimidating now that I've taken the class.

Maria C.

This is the perfect beginner class to ease your way in to Excel.

Rebecca C.

In this course, I learned a lot about Excel that I didn't know previously. I would certainly recommend it to those looking to learn more about the software.

Ryan Z.

If you want to learn AutoCad, this is the best class.

li l.

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