Best Online Tutoring Services (2023)

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It's no secret: Many parents are turning to online tutoring services for their children in grades K-12 to help them do better in school and on standardized tests. Whether your household is full of newfound homeschoolers or you're looking to help supplement in-person learning, online tutors can help get your child where they need to be, academically, from the comfort of their home.

It’s important to find the tutoring program that fits your child’s needs and learning style, as well as your family’s budget, goals, and schedule. That’s why we’ve combed the market and compiled a list of the best online tutoring services, whether you’re hoping to enrich your child’s learning with a fun elective or are trying to help them achieve their dreams.

The 8 Best Online Tutoring Services of 2022

Best Online Tutoring Services

Best Online Tutoring Services

  • Our Top Picks
  • Chegg Study
  • Learn To Be
  • Princeton Review
  • Preply
  • Skooli
  • Pearson's Smarthinking
  • TutaPoint
  • Mathnasium
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Best Overall : Chegg Study

Key Specs

  • Price: Starts at $15.95 a month
  • Ages: All ages
  • Standardized test prep? (y/n): Yes

Why We Chose It

Chegg Study is an affordable, flexible online tutoring company that covers a wide range of academic services, from language learning to test prep.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable monthly rate

  • 24/7 access to help

  • Wide variety of studies available


  • Have to borrow and return text books for some course

  • No free returns for borrow service internationally

We selected Chegg Study as the best overall online tutoring service for its combination of affordability, flexibility, and subject variety.

Chegg experts come from top colleges and universities, and they mentor students of all ages in hundreds of subjects—from engineering and test prep to essay writing, AP classes, ESL and foreign languages, and music — and must pass a subject proficiency test. They’re available 24/7 on Chegg’s online platform, making it easy to start learning or get some extra help ASAP. You can search through thousands of homework problems on their platform or upload a photo and ask an expert for help with a specific question.

A subscription for Chegg Study costs about $15.95 a month and includes access to select textbook solutions, video walkthroughs and practice sets, and its experts. Those in need of a little extra help can also subscribe to Chegg Writing for $9.95 a month, which provides users the ability to scan papers for plagiarism, create automatic citations, and receive expert writing help at any time, as well as Chegg Math Solver, which gives users unlimited solutions and detailed explanations for tough problems, as well as access to a graphing calculator, for $9.95 a month.

Best Budget : Learn To Be

Key Specs

  • Price: Pay what you can up to $30 a month
  • Ages: K-12 grade
  • Standardized test prep? (y/n): Yes

Why We Chose It

We love this free tutoring program that has shown it raises students' average test scores and GPAs.

Pros & Cons

While online tutoring programs can be invaluable for many students looking to achieve their learning goals, they’re often pricey and unattainable for many families. The nonprofit Learn To Be aims to bridge that gap with a "choose if you can pay" model for their one-on-one online tutoring in a digital classroom.

The company's tutors have served more than 2,000 students since the nonprofit launched in 2012. The program offers math, science, reading, and English tutoring K-12 students from qualified families. Parents regularly report that their children’s test scores and GPAs improved significantly after enrolling in Learn To Be.

If your family needs affordable tutoring, head to Learn To Be’s website to fill out an enrollment form. If you’re approved, your child will be matched with a tutor by email, and they will create a personalized study plan from there.

Best Variety : Princeton Review

Key Specs

  • Price: Starts at $40 an hour
  • Ages: Children through adults
  • Standardized test prep? (y/n): Yes

Why We Chose It

One of the most comprehensive online tutoring services out there, Princeton Review has tutoring support 24/7 for anyone who needs it on a seemingly endless list of study topics.

Pros & Cons


  • Tutors available online 24/7

  • Wide range of test prep options

  • Serves adults and kids


  • Can get expensive

  • Comprehensive website — can be difficult to navigate

The Princeton Review is one of the most comprehensive online tutoring services on the market. The company's tutors—who are available online 24/7—offer homework help and live learning sessions for everyone from kindergarteners to adult learners in more than 250 subject areas.

Subjects include math, science, history, drama, and the humanities (taught in both English and Spanish), as well as ACT, SAT, P/SAT, and GED test prep, AP and IB courses, student success skills (like note-taking, organization, and time management), nursing and health, business, technology, essay and cover letter writing, and even career support.

Princeton Review's prices depend on the package you choose. If you subscribe on a month-to-month basis, prices range from about $40 for an hour of tutoring (usually broken up into three, 20-minute sessions, on average) to roughly $115 for three hours of tutoring. Meanwhile, one-time packages range from around $350 for 10 hours of tutoring across six months to about $1,450 for 50 hours of tutoring across six months.

Princeton Review also offers free tutoring for students from U.S. military families, funded through the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance.

Best for Language Learning : Preply

Key Specs

  • Price: Price: Average $18.30 an hour
  • Ages: Children through adults
  • Standardized test prep? (y/n): Unclear

Why We Chose It

Students using Preplay can connect with tutors from over 180 countries and learn over 20 different languages.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of language tutoring available

  • Tutors set their own prices

  • Search by language, availability and cost

  • Free tutor session or refund if not satisfied with first lesson


  • More adult students than children

  • Teachers not paid for hour-long trial sessions

  • Unclear if test prep is available

Preply, one of the best online tutoring services for language learners, boasts thousands of native-speaking tutors from about 185 countries around the world. Students can use Preply to grow their working vocabulary, complete foreign language homework assignments, or even work toward becoming fluent in one of over 20 languages.

Each Preply language tutor sets their own prices and schedule, so you can search for them by availability, nationality, language, or cost. After scheduling a first session that fits both your and your tutor’s schedule, you’ll meet with your new tutor to discuss your goals and take your first lesson.

You can also browse language tutors’ profiles to read reviews from other parents and students to make sure you find the best fit for your child. Students who aren’t satisfied with their first session with a new tutor can get another Preply tutor for free or receive a full refund.

Costs vary depending on the tutor and frequency of sessions, but the average is around $18.30.

Best Homework Help : Skooli

Key Specs

  • Price: Price: Starts at $0.82 a minute with pay-as-you-go; as low as $0.65 a minute if you prepay 32 hours
  • Ages: Elementary school through college-age
  • Standardized test prep?: Yes

Why We Chose It

Students looking for quick homework help can connect with a tutor on Skooli within seconds, and be back on track in just 15 minutes.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick tutor connection

  • Budget-friendly

  • Wide range of subject matter help available

  • Virtual white board for interactive help


  • Not for students who need more long term help

Skooli’s flexible pay-as-you-go learning model—at around $1 per minute, with a minimum of 15 minutes in one sitting—makes it one of the best online tutoring services for instant homework help.

You or your child can ask a specific question or start chatting with a tutor to see if you get along. Within seconds, you can begin a live video session from any device with a tutor in popular subjects like trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, or physics. Skooli’s interface is also uniquely interactive, with a virtual whiteboard that allows students to work through tricky word problems alongside their tutor.

Skooli offers tutoring help for elementary, middle school, high school, and college students in math, science, languages, the humanities, and business. Students can rewatch their tutoring sessions anytime to jog their memory about what they learned.

Best for Writing Improvement : Pearson's Smarthinking

Key Specs

  • Price: Price: $45 an hour for live tutoring; For writing help: $32for under 10 pages;$50for 10+ pages
  • Ages: Middle school through adults
  • Standardized test prep?: Yes

Why We Chose It

Writing can be challenging, whether you're doing it in school or in your career. That's why Pearson’s Smarthinking gives focus to that subject area with tutors who zero in on helping you hone your writing skills.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of subjects available

  • Affordable

  • Majority of tutors have higher education degrees

  • Help with career-based writing


  • Language studies limited to Spanish

Pearson’s Smarthinking is one of the best online tutoring services available for students who want to improve their writing skills.

Although Smarthinking’s tutors—90% of whom have master’s degrees or Ph. D.s in their chosen subject—can teach middle school, high school, and college students in almost any area of expertise, they truly shine when it comes to helping learners achieve their potential when it comes to writing. They can help improve academic writing, career writing, and even help you brush up on grammar and APA style.

Smarthinking’s prices are also reasonable, especially considering their tutors’ level of expertise. Four hours of on-demand, online tutoring in your choice of over 150 subjects costs about $150, while an hour costs roughly $45.

You can also submit your or your child’s sample SAT or a school essay assignment for a comprehensive review by an expert writing tutor. Fees for this service range from around $13 for an SAT essay to approximately $32 for a standard-length essay and around $50 for an essay over 10 pages long.

For older students looking to land a job or start college, Smarthinking’s resume, college admissions essay, and cover letter review services could help them reach their goals.

Best Test Prep : TutaPoint

Key Specs

  • Price: Price: $50 an hour; $85 an hour for SAT/ACT test prep
  • Ages: Middle school through 12th grade
  • Standardized test prep?: Yes

Why We Chose It

Tutapoint prides itself on being the one-stop shop for standardized test prep for students. The service is designed to help students tackle these daunting tests by arming them with online workbooks, practice drills, and test-taking strategies.

Pros & Cons

Staffed primarily by retired teachers, college and university professors, and teaching assistants, TutaPoint offers some of the best online tutoring services on the market for SAT's latest prep.

TutaPoint packages for SAT latest prep start at about $85 an hour (plus $350 for the optional Electronic TutaPoint test preparation workbook). There's also a $95 an hour plan for specialized test prep.

Each online test prep student gets guidance in test-taking strategies built around their specific strengths and weaknesses. Most packages also include access to an online portal with quizzes and practice drills. Students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, or learning disabilities can access live sessions with TutaPoint tutors who have specialized training in helping students with learning differences.

Best for Math Tutoring : Mathnasium

Key Specs

  • Price: Price: About $200 to $300 per month
  • Ages: Elementary through high school
  • Standardized test prep?: Unclear

Why We Chose It

Kids get a private math expert tutor and personalized plan to help them improve their math skills all online via Mathnasium@home.

Pros & Cons


  • Math expert tutors

  • Personalized learning plans

  • Face-to-face virtual instruction


  • Focus is on STEM subjects

  • Unclear how often tutors can meet with students

  • Unclear of test prep is included

Mathnasium is a neighborhood-based, math-only learning center franchise with over 1,000 locations. Mathnasium@home is an online alternative that offers the same customized, one-on-one math tutoring programs taught by the same expert instructors.

Designed to help both students who struggle with math and advanced students who want to be challenged and up their STEM game, Mathnasium’s program starts with a detailed assessment of each elementary, middle school, or high school student’s current grasp of relevant math concepts. Then, a private tutor will design a personalized plan that caters to that student’s particular strengths and weaknesses. Homework help and test prep are baked into the curriculum, and regular evaluations are used to periodically assess each student’s progress.

Prices for Mathnasium@home programs vary by zip code, but current estimates online range from about $200 to $300 per month.

Final Verdict

Working with an online tutor is a great way to gain any number of academic and/or professional skills, or improve the ones you already have. The services above are especially helpful for students and professionals with busy schedules who need to find a way to fit in a quick tutoring session without having to travel to a location. We chose Chegg Study as the best overall online tutoring service due to its affordability, convenience, and range of subjects offered.

If you're looking specifically for standardized test prep options for your child, Tutapoint is a great option. The tutors are pros at helping students tackle those tests by helping them master key test-taking tricks.

Compare Online Tutoring Services

CompanyPriceAgesStandardized Test Prep? (y/n)
Chegg Study Best OverallStarts at $15.95 a monthAll agesY
Learn To Be Best BudgetPay what you can up to $30 a monthK-12 gradeY
Princeton Review Best VarietyStarts at $40 an hourAll agesY
Preply Best for Language LearningAverage $18.30 an hourAll agesUnclear
Skooli Best Homework HelpStarts at $0.82 a minute with pay-as-you-go; as low as $0.65 a minute if you prepay 32 hoursElementary school through college-ageYes
Pearson's Smarthinking Best for Writing Improvement$45 an hour for live tutoring; For writing help: $32for under 10 pages;$50for 10+ pagesMiddle school through adultsYes
TutaPoint Best Test Prep$50 an hour; $85 an hour for SAT/ACT test prepMiddle school through 12th gradeYes
Mathnasium Best for Math TutoringAbout $200 to $300 per monthMiddle school through 12th gradeUnclear


What Are Online Tutoring Services?

With online tutoring services, qualified teachers, tutors, subject matter experts, or mentors teach students in one-on-one sessions via video chat, phone, or even online chat and email. You might build a long-term relationship with a specific tutor over time, or you might use a tutoring service that allows you to contact a variety of instructors at any time, day or night.

How Much Do Online Tutoring Services Cost?

The cost of online tutoring services varies widely depending on the tutor’s level of expertise, training, and education. In general, however, you might expect an hour of one-on-one online tutoring to cost $30 to $80, on average. A larger online tutoring package, which might include test prep and access to online resources as well as multiple hours of live instruction, might cost more than $1,000.

Minute-by-minute online tutoring services—for students who have a specific question or need homework help—are becoming increasingly popular. Usually, these services cost around $1 per minute—usually with a minimum amount of time per session.

Some online tutoring services have steep discounts available for people who buy monthly subscriptions to a certain total number of hours of tutoring (or even unlimited hours per month). These services are often more affordable. And, students from military families or those who demonstrate financial need might be able to access free or low-cost online tutoring.

Who Should Use Online Tutoring Services?

Many families seek out online tutoring services for their children when they are falling behind in a given subject and need to beef up their understanding in a given area. Students often benefit from an online tutor’s targeted, one-on-one attention in a subject area they struggle with.

Some students seek out online tutoring services for a particular, targeted purpose, such as standardized test prep. Others might want help for a one-time need, such as an essay review or assistance in crafting a college admissions essay.

Gifted students who want more of a challenge, or who are interested in an AP course or elective that isn’t offered at their school might also find online tutoring services enriching.

Is Quick Homework Help Available Through Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring services can also help students who need instant homework help. Some online tutoring services give students access to immediate assistance from a subject matter expert at any time, day or night, which can be particularly helpful if you have a specific question on an assignment. Typically, these quick answer services are also more cost-effective than the longer-term tutoring plans.


We selected these programs for our list of the best online tutoring services based on the variety of available subjects and tutoring/teaching expertise, along with quality, affordability, schedule flexibility, tutor availability, and user-friendly technology. We chose some tutoring services because they had a mix of all or many of these elements, according to users. Others made it onto the list because of a specific benefit that made them stand out. For example, Preply earned a spot on the list because of its laser focus on assisting language learners of all stripes. Likewise, Smarthinking is ideal for students who need to sharpen their writing skills.

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